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middle back pain

Causes & Prevention for Upper & Middle Back Pain

At some point, we experience pain that may be present for an extended period. While this is a common concern, it also serves as a reminder for us to take action, get proper rest, and avoid certain movements that may severely affect the back.

What’s Living in Your Pillow?

We look forward to getting a good night’s sleep the moment we get home after a hard day’s work. But do you know what’s lurking in your bed with you while you sleep?


8 Exercises Everyone Should Be Doing to Prevent Back Pain

Back pain can be excruciating and weakening. We tend to stay in bed for us to recover immediately. For some, back pain incorporates mild pain that is bothersome, sore, and aching. For others, back pain can get severe, that still hurts the entire time, even at sleep.


How Does Back Pain Develop? 5 Ways to Relieve It!

On average, 3 out of 5 people sometime suffer from back pain, but how does this actually start? This back pain is usually caused between the lower ribs and the buttocks, ie the lumbar region. Usually this is due to overloading of the dorsal vertebrae, this can be due to the incorrect lifting of heavy objects or due to a bad sitting or sleeping position.


How to Solve Back Pain While Sleeping? Here are 3 Ways To Treat it!

Do you often wake up at night from back pain or do you have a bad night’s sleep because of persistent pain? A lot of people suffer from this, and few can get rid of it without help. This is because backpain while sleeping, unlike other forms of pain, does not always go away.

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memory foam head pillows

The 3 Benefits of Memory Foam Head Pillows

A good night’s sleep is essential, and the head pillow helps. In recent years, sleeping with a memory foam pillow has become more widespread; this is because sleeping with a memory foam pillow can have several benefits on your body and your sleep. We have listed the most prominent advantages for you.

How Do You Use a Knee Pillow While Sleeping?

The number of people who have to sleep with backpain and kneepain is increasing enormously. Not only a poor sleeping posture or an injury are the cause, a wrong working posture is an increasing problem. Because people are sitting behind their desks and computers, their back and neck suffers considerably.

How To Clean Memory Foam Pillows

How To Wash Memory Foam Pillows

You regularly change your bed and sheets, but washing your memory foam pillow is also essential! It not just promotes the durability of your pillow, but also ensures that the dirt disappears, such as sweat and skin flakes. And admit it, who doesn’t like a fresh-smelling pillow?

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