How Do You Use a Knee Pillow While Sleeping?

The number of people who have to sleep with backpain and kneepain is increasing enormously. Not only a poor sleeping posture or an injury are the cause, a wrong working posture is an increasing problem. Because people are sitting behind their desks and computers, their back and neck suffers considerably.

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Regardless of what the cause of nocturnal back pain (or knee pain) is, a knee pillow offers the solution for you. Before you buy a leg pillow, it might be handy to know everything about it. That is why we have listed the most important information in this article.

What exactly is a knee pillow?

People who suffer from nocturnal back pain have probably used the concept of a knee pillow themselves every night. Placing a pillow or blanket between your legs while sleeping makes the lying posture better, which reduces stress on the body. However, this is not always efficient and the complaints often continue. Pillows are inconvenient and a blanket often too bulky. It is a good patch for the wound, but healing can not provide it.

It is precisely here that a knee pillow has been made. Thanks to the special design it can support the body optimally. This type of pillow is made of memory foam, which is extremely comfortable and supportive for the body. It molds itself to the contours of your body, making the fit for every person really perfect.

A knee cushion has two rounded notches where the legs go between. This ensures that the pillow stays securely while sleeping, even when you are turning in bed.

How do you put a knee cushion?

The knee cushion should be between your knees or legs. In that position, it can carry the weight of your thigh. Your hip, your knees and even your ankles are relieved. In this way you can find a comfortable position, which does not cause any pain, and you get the sleep you need.

The leg cushion can also be used at the ankles to raise the leg slightly, reducing pressure on the foot.

To see how a knee cushion can be placed you can watch our video.

How soon after buying a leg cushion do I feel the effect?

This is a question that many people ask. An exact answer to this is difficult to give, because the cause and severity varies per person. From the experiences that we ourselves have had (and the research that has been done), it appears that almost everyone in the first week can already hear a significant difference. They usually sleep a lot better after a few days.

By using a knee pillow for a longer period of time, the pain can even completely disappear. We recommend avoiding the cause of the pain as much as possible, as this promotes the healing process. Did you tell? Then take more rest and try to sleep longer. Do you have a wrong working posture? Arrange a better office chair and watch your posture.

If you can watch this during the period that you use a knee pillow, the recovery will go extra fast.

Do you spend a lot of extra time in bed? We have a special pillow for that!

Almost all people who buy a leg cushion can use it all night without difficulty. However, there are people who do a lot of work in bed, or have difficulty inherent in sleeping with something between their legs. These people can buy a leg cushion with us, which is equipped with a special band. This keeps the cushion comfortably on one of your legs. You can therefore move freely, but the knee pad will not fall between your legs. Ideal to remedy the nocturnal back pain of even the wildest sleepers.

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