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Today… in this fast-paced world, it is pressure and unhealthy lifestyles that cause individuals to interrupt their sleep schedule. Not only this, but also other problems such as stress, concentration difficulties, distorted posture and body aches are usually the consequences of a disruptive sleep pattern. Fortunately, these problems are easily remedied as long as the person concerned is willing to make an effort.

For this purpose, COMFYCENTRE was established with a team of enthusiasts who want to help people to ease their pain when sleeping or sitting and to bring more comfort into their lives!


Where it all started..

It all began when the founder of the company. Ron, watched his grandmother get backaches from sleeping. This led him to research equipment that could solve the problem. He came across a knee pillow and bought a basic version of it. After a few nights the pain began to subside and his grandmother slept relatively comfortably.

However, the product did not prove to be permanent. Soon it began to lose its shape, did not stay in place and warmed up quite quickly. Faced with these problems, Ron was motivated to develop his own prototype of far superior quality.

Our obsession began

During his research, he met with orthopedic experts and understood the factors that provide optimal support and comfort to the knee & back.

As a result, a knee pillow was developed that is made of high density foam to provide better support, breathable fabric to dissipate heat quickly, and an ergonomic design that provides comfort to the knee. In addition, another version has been designed with a strap that can help the knee stay in place.

Knee & back pain can be an annoying problem to which solutions must be found. Sensitive nerves can get worse along the ball joints, and constantly stiff muscles can cause a degenerative condition that may require surgery. Although various treatments can help to relieve the pain, one of the basic problems in recovery is a good night’s sleep.

To date, this knee pillow is used by over 4,000 customers who are fully satisfied with the product. This research model has been applied to various other COMFYCENTRE products to relieve the unwanted pain and help people live healthier and happier lives.

Our core Vision

Our core vision is to provide life-changing products for people who are looking for a solution to body pain and more comfort in their lives. With a carefully selected range of ergonomic and orthopedic products, we contribute to improving everyday life.

Regardless of the customer’s needs, COMFYCENTRE has the products and solutions to meet them. The custom-made products are designed to help people express themselves with the benefit of portability, whether at home, while traveling or on holiday. In fact, the products are not only efficient in relieving pain, they are also compact and aesthetically pleasing.

Meet The Comfy Team!

This company was the birth of an idea that pursued research and innovation, which led the team to regularly improve and expand the products to help more people in need.

Feeling good is not just a guilty pleasure, it is a need for quality rest, great posture and well-being. Customer feedback is used to develop the most ideal products for the market. We strive to inform and educate the customer on issues that require solution-oriented products for physical comfort and support.

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