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Today… in this fast-paced world, it is pressure and unhealthy lifestyles that cause individuals to interrupt their sleep schedule. Not only this, but also other problems such as stress, concentration difficulties, distorted posture and body aches are usually the consequences of a disruptive sleep pattern. Fortunately, these problems are easily remedied as long as the person concerned is willing to make an effort.

For this purpose, ComfyCentre was established with a team of enthusiasts who want to help people to ease their pain when sleeping or sitting and to bring more comfort into their lives!


Where it all started..

What started with solving back pain for his grandmother has grown into an international provider of orthopedic and ergonomic memory foam products.

From the beginning, our approach has been to improve existing devices to allow people to experience less body pain and, most importantly, more comfort.

We started with improving the knee cushion. By using our own memory foam (ultra dense memory foam) and breathable material, among other things. Then we looked with orthopedic experts at what shape is essential for optimal support. In addition, an extra variant was added with an elastic band, so that it stays in place at all times.

Our obsession began

After the introduction of this knee pillow, the knee pillow has been used by more than 15,000 customers to their complete satisfaction.

After this great success, we decided to apply this way of development to other products that can help solve different pains, giving people a healthier and especially a more comfortable life.

Currently we have expanded our range to include seat cushions, back cushions and pillows. Of course, many other products will follow!

Our core Vision

Our core vision is to provide life-changing products for people who are looking for a solution to body pain and more comfort in their lives. With a carefully selected range of ergonomic and orthopedic products, we contribute to improving everyday life.

Regardless of the customer’s needs, ComfyCentre has the products and solutions to meet them. The custom-made products are designed to help people express themselves with the benefit of portability, whether at home, while traveling or on holiday. In fact, the products are not only efficient in relieving pain, they are also compact and aesthetically pleasing.

Meet The Team!

Ron Rauwerda

Customer Care

Leslie Lidot

Content Writer

Paola Santos

Graphic Designer

Schareen Sison

Content Writer

Mara Duallo


Christine Dela Paz

Social Media & Photography

Greame Rider

Toby Pollard-Smith

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