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A wonderful undisturbed night without pain and irritation. Say goodbye to knee, hip or back pain and give your body the comfort it deserves. This orthopedic knee pillow ensures an optimal sleeping position and makes you realize that you have missed this pillow for far too long.


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30 Days Free Trial
Lifetime Warranty
Free Shipping & Returns
24-hour dispatch

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Quick delivery

Rated 4 out of 5

Pillow came within 2 days, I love the quality of the material

Lidia smits

Can't sleep without

Rated 5 out of 5

After 4 nights can sleep without, great support


Love it

Rated 5 out of 5

My backpain is a lot less after 2 nights, can't sleep without it now!

Get to know everything about our knee pillow
#1 Most Recommended By Doctors 

87% of our customers reported relief in as early as the first night!

How a knee pillow can save you from pain

The wrong sleeping posture can make your joint or back pain extremely torturing.

Improper blood circulation
Pressure on the knees
Improper blood circulation
Pressure on the hips
Twisted Lower back

The solution? A knee pillow!


Proper blood circulation for
stronger immunity


Conditions your body to keep
in a straight neutral position


Removes pressure from spine
to your joints

But a wrong knee pillow can make your pain even worse.

Here's why → 
Ordinary knee pillows are made of low density foams which usually get flat and don’t conform to your body. They are not very efficient for solving body pain.

So we made the ONLY lab-tested knee pillow that does exactly what it says. Let us show you how.


Resilient to Pressure

Since they tend to conform very little, sleepers may even feel more pain or less pressure relief

Smells Bad & Skin-Irritating

Produces an odd chemical smell called off gassing. Also attractive for allergens.

Notorious for Retaining Heat

Uncomfortable to sleep with especially during the hot summer days.

Gets Flat in a Few Use

Pillows made of low density foams are not as durable. They usually last for only a few days or months.

Knee Pillow

Instant Pain Relief

Invented and made with materials that will instantly change shape with your body to relieve pressure

Sensitive-Skin Friendly

With the combination of an ultra-dense structure and antibacterial agents, any allergens won’t ever find a way in this foam.

Breathable Foam Structure

It contains tons of air bubbles, which ensures better heat circulation to keep your legs sweat-free for hours.

Long-Lasting Support

High density foams are proven to last for many years and won’t flatten out quickly.

Density Level

3.5 PCF

Our Knee Pillow’s Ultra-Dense Foam earns strong ratings for pain and pressure relief due in part to their extreme conforming ability

Ideal for

130 to 230 lbs.

This is only the ideal weight but the Ultra-Dense™ Foam can conform to any body type.

After trying the COMFYCENTRE® Knee Pillow

78% mentioned they don’t need to visit their therapists often—which saved them tons of money!

Average monthly spending on Physio Therapists

Manual therapy cost per month

That’s how much money you can save! 

In fact, our pillow is safer than any "unnatural" expensive reliever and is super easy to use.

How It Feels To Sleep With An Orthopedic Knee Pillow

Why will it absolutely work for you?

The ultra-dense foam is revolutionary in a way that it’s made with your pain in our mind—not too firm nor soft for you.

We are serious about helping you get all the answers to your pain!

Together with your knee pillow, you’d get these guides from our partnered orthopedic experts, too. What more would you be looking for?

Pain-free handbook

A comprehensive guide to helping you break-free from the pain controlling your life.


Developed by our partnered orthopedic experts, you’ll get online therapy content customized to your pain or injury.

Lastly, it comes with a ticket to our VIP Club where we send you secret info and deals!

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Still skeptic? Wanna first feel for yourself?

No worries! You can try our knee pillow at home for 30 days (free of charge) 
We’ll only charge you when you want to keep it.

Buy two knee pillows with 15% discount to avoid having a fight about who can use the knee pillow

Buy 2 now
30 Days Free Trial
Lifetime Warranty
Free Shipping & Returns
24-hour dispatch
30 Days Free Trial
Lifetime Warranty
Free Shipping & Returns
24-hour dispatch

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Knee Pillow


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