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Sit undisturbed for hours without pain or irritation. Say goodbye to your hard chair and immediately relieve back, hip or bump pain. This orthopedic wedge cushion for your chair ensures the optimal sitting posture and makes you realize that you have missed this seat cushion for far too long!


30 Days Free Trial
Lifetime Warranty
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30 Days Free Trial
Lifetime Warranty
Free Shipping & Returns
24-hour dispatch

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Incredible pain relief

Rated 5 out of 5

This is a superb pillow. It's delivered after only a day. I'm astonished at how comfortable it is when we tried it. Definitely, worth to keep!


Now I can sit comfortable!

Rated 5 out of 5

Arrived quick and in perfect condition.

Amazing quality!


Absolutely comfortable and steady

Rated 5 out of 5

It's extremely comfortable. In fact my colleagues are quite jealous of me. It really feels great and it certainly makes my seating feel steady but I'm yet to wait and see if indeed it will also make a positive difference in terms of my back ache too.


Cool support for legs

Rated 5 out of 5

Corrects the posture of pelvis and back. Very satisfied!

I will definitely order two more for work & one for in the car.

Looks very good on my desk chair.

Richard K
Get to know everything about our seat cushion

Sitting more than 4 hours a day puts tons of stress on your hips

Losing sense of focus
Numbness in
your lower body
Tired feeling
every single day
Agonizing pressure
from tailbone up to
your spine

Transform any hard surface into an ergonomic chair instantly!


You'll feel better and focused
than ever before!


You can sit the whole day 
without any pain.

The seat cushion acts as a defense system between gravity and your body. Instead of your tailbone, the cushion does the heavy lifting of your weight against a hard chair.


Resilient to Pressure

Since they tend to conform very little, you may even feel more pain in your lower back and tailbone rather than solving them.

Made of Toxic Substances

Produces an odd chemical smell called offgassing and are attractive for allergens.

Notorious for Retaining Heat

Uncomfortable to use especially during the hot summer days.

Gets Flat in a Few Use

Cheap things seem high quality sometimes, but that "quality" lasts for ONLY a few months. You end up buying more and more new lumbar support. Thought you would save money? Think again!

Seat Cushion

Instant Pain Relief

Invented and made with materials that will instantly change shape with your body to relieve pressure

Sensitive-Skin Friendly

With the combination of an ultra-dense structure and antibacterial agents, any allergens won’t ever find a way in this foam.

Breathable Foam Structure

It contains tons of air bubbles, which ensures better heat circulation to keep your bum and legs sweat-free for hours.

Long-Lasting Support

High density foams are proven to last for many years and won’t flatten out quickly. In fact, our lifetime warranty is here to make sure you’re confident with your purchase.

Density Level

3.5 PCF

Our Seat Cushion’s Ultra-Dense™ Foam earns strong ratings for pain and pressure relief due in part to their extreme conforming ability

Ideal for

130 to 230 lbs.

This is only the ideal weight but the Ultra-Dense™ Foam can conform to any body type.

After trying the COMFYCENTRE® Seat Cushion

82% of our customers said it felt TOO GOOD that they did not want to get up for an hour or so!

78% mentioned they don’t need to visit their therapists often—which saved them tons of money!

Average monthly spending on Physio Therapists

Manual therapy cost per month

That’s how much money you can save! 

In fact, our pillow is safer than any "unnatural" expensive reliever and is super easy to use.

Not convinced yet? Watch the videos below to learn more about our seat cushions.

Why will it absolutely work for you?

Carefully crafted with orthopedic experts, our seat cushion is filled with the revolutionary and ONLY lab-tested ultra-dense foam.

We are serious about helping you get all the answers to your pain!

Together with your pillow, you’d get these guides from our partnered orthopedic experts, too. What more would you be looking for?

Pain-free handbook

A comprehensive guide to helping you break-free from the pain controlling your life.


Developed by our partnered orthopedic experts, you’ll get online therapy content customized to your pain or injury.

Lastly, it comes with a ticket to our VIP Club where we send you secret info and deals!

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Let our seat cushion speaks for itself.

No worries! You can try our seat cushion at home for 30 days (free of charge) 
We’ll only charge you when you want to keep it.

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30 Days Free Trial
Lifetime Warranty
Free Shipping & Returns
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30 Days Free Trial
Lifetime Warranty
Free Shipping & Returns
24-hour dispatch

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Seat Cushion


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