Benefits of Sleeping with a Knee Pillow

Words by Ron Rauwerda
June 5, 2020
Words by Ron Rauwerda
June 5, 2020

When to Use a Knee Pillow?

An ergonomically shaped knee pillow provides you with quite a few benefits especially if you experience physical complaints such as pain in the knee, hips, or back. During our sleep, we lose control of our posture. Nevertheless, our body unconsciously signals when we are lying in an uncomfortable position. It manifests itself mainly in restlessness, twisting and turning during sleep. Also, an incorrect sleep position causes annoying physical complaints.

The most common are painful knees and a deaf or nagging feeling in the hips. An incorrect position of the spine can also lead to an aching lower or middle back. Many people sleep sideways with their knees on top of each other. It causes considerable pressure on the knee joint, causing pain. The hips and our pelvis also connect to this.

An incorrect posture gives nagging pain complaints, which in time can even worsen. A good sleeping posture is, therefore, of great importance to prevent these complaints. Also, if another reason causes your complaints, an ergonomically shaped leg pillow in bed is essential. These memory foam leg pillow form along the lines of your knees and legs.

The cushioning effect reduces the pressure on the knee and hip. Besides, the spine remains in a neutral and straight position.

The Benefits of a Memory Foam Knee Pillow

Sleeping with a leg pillow in bed has become increasingly popular in recent years. Of course, this is not without reason; it's because a knee pillow has several significant benefits, all of these are listed below.

Natural Sleeping Position

The leg pillow ensures that you are in a better sleeping position; the ergonomic design puts your body in a more natural sleeping position as a side sleeper. It prevents and relieves pain while sleeping, which otherwise stays that way because you sleep in a less natural position.

Relieve back, knee and hip complaints

Because the leg pillow ensures a natural sleeping position, different parts of your body will end up in the right spot, especially the case with your legs, hips, and knees.

The knees do not touch each other while sleeping, which will reduce pressure on this spot, which is ideal for knee pain. The same goes for the legs; they will run along with each other in a parallel position and do not touch with one another.

If you sleep on your side without a knee pillow or anything else between your legs, your hip will be twisted, which can cause problems in the long term. Itis because your hip follows the position of your legs.

In the picture below, you can see what sleeping with a knee pillow does to your body.


Optimal Support of the Spine

Due to the optimal sleeping position, your entire spine is in a straight place, which is better for your posture during the day.

Reducing Stress Through a Good Night’s Sleep

Because you sleep better with a knee pillow and wake up less often, you will experience less

stress. It turns out that tiredness is a significant factor in experiencing and feeling tensioned. So, start with a good night's sleep and reduce or prevent stress.

Wake-up Well-Rested and Get More Energy

With a deeper sleep, you will wake up more rested. Because of this, you will often have more energy during the day.

Relieve pressure on growing baby belly

Pressure on the knees, hips, and legs only increases with a growing baby belly in pregnant women. This pressure can quickly be relieved by using the leg pillow as a pregnancy pillow.

The Characteristics of a Functional Leg Pillow

A good functioning leg pillow has an ergonomic shape. It means that it does not shift while sleeping and can give you optimal support. The knee pillow is made of memory foam and molds itself entirely to your legs. So, you are always provided with the optimal backing, even if you like to sleep sideways.

The optimal sleeping position ensures that the spine remains straight, which stimulates the blood circulation during sleep. Because you lie with a knee pillow for hours, the material should feel soft and comfortable. A knee pillow that irritates is not right!

The cover is removable, machine washable and breathable. It keeps the knee pillow in bed nice and cool, and you can easily wash it.

Are You Considering to Buy a Leg Pillow?

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