Correcting Postural Defects On The Run With Lumbar Support

Words by Ron Rauwerda
March 16, 2020
Words by Ron Rauwerda
March 16, 2020

Smart tools like the lumbar support pillow make sure we sit the best way to strengthen our muscles and to disburden our spine. It is not necessary to use your spare time for special exercises.

Where To Put Lumbar Support?

Is lumbar support important? Of course, and if you decide to strengthen your posture with this kind of belt, you can practice good posture on the run. Doing so, you use the time that you spend sitting anyway to work on your lumbar issues.

Lumbar Support For Travel

People who travel a lot, typically spend a lot of time sitting during transport. Sitting puts a lot of weight on your spine, which causes bad posture and back issues. Instead of having to correct these issues later on, you can just use the time you spend getting around for correcting your posture.

Lumbar Support For Car

Many of us spend a lot of time in the car going from one place to another. You can use the time and install a belt in your car, lumbar support for car seat. Whenever you get in your vehicle, where most people position themselves in an unhealthy way, you can work on your posture. Lumbar support for drivers seat helps you withstand longer drives without the typical aches in your back area.

Lumbar Support For Van Seat

If you spend a lot of time in your van, think about how back support can strengthen your muscles and save you from back pain. The longer you sit, the worse the effects on your spine get. With a lumbar belt, you can minimize this risk and actively work towards a better posture.

Lumbar Support For Plane

Some years ago, people could move around in the airplane as much as they wanted as long as there were no turbulences and apart from departure and landing. Since 9/11, passengers are expected to keep the getting up and walking around to the necessary minimum. That means that apart from walking to the restroom, passengers don´t get the chance to do anything other than sitting. That can be a toll on your spine, especially on long distance flights.

If your back can´t support weight, that is due to poor posture. A smart tool like a lumbar belt can help your muscles strengthen and correct the unhealthy sitting positions that are likely in airplane seats.

Lumbar Support For Wheel Chair

People who are tied to a wheel chair spend most of the day in a sitting position. That can cause the back musculature to diminish. But it is extremely important to keep it as strong as possible in order to retain the freedom of movement that is left. Wheelchair users often ask themselves which back support is best. A little tool like a lumbar support belt can work wonders.

The stronger the muscles, the less weight needs to be carried by the spine. By using a belt, you can therefore avoid pain and muscular atrophy.

Are Lumbar Support Belts Effective?

The answer is yes. If you use it wisely and as often as possible, you can successfully fight against back pain and postural deformities.

If you already suffer from back issues, you might want to consider physical therapy. At the same time, you can work on your lumbar musculature by wearing a support belt. If you are just now starting to deal with back aches, wearing the lumbar support is probably enough to correct your posture in order to feel better again.

How Does Lumbar Support Work?

Our spine is of a very smart and flexible design. But humans have not been engineered to spend most of the day sitting. We used to be living beings that moved a lot. By moving, we use our muscles and a strong back musculature supports the spine. Our weight should be carried by the muscles and should not come down to put pressure on our spine.

But sitting for a long time and in a poor posture causes our musculature to diminish, which makes our spine the only cornerstone of our weight.

It leads to herniated discs, harmed discs and to lasting damages in our posture – the beginning of a vicious circle.

Now you may wonder how lumbar support works. The belt helps our musculature take the weight away from the spine. It automatically helps us find an erect sitting position, which, too, takes weight away from the spine.

Combining these to things, it helps prevent or correct postural defects.

How Important Is Lumbar Support?

Lumbar support belts are very effective when it comes to fighting against back pain or to completely preventing back pain. Our spine is what keeps us going and what makes it possible for us to move. This marvel should be appreciated and supported as much as possible.

We need to adjust to modern life, which includes a lot of sitting at work or when getting from one place to another. It is important to handle our body carefully, and lumbar support is what helps us achieve that.


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