Comprehensive Facts About Lumbar Support

Words by Ron Rauwerda
March 12, 2020
Words by Ron Rauwerda
March 12, 2020

Back pains are a growing issue in our modern society. Whereas it was a problem that was mainly confined to people that worked manually, it has become a covering issue within the past decades. We have bundled information for you on where this trend is coming from and how to break it through lumbar support.

What´s Lumbar Support?

Before being able to understand how lumbar support works, we need to look at the reasons that make it necessary.

We thank our erect position to our spine. It holds up our body and helps us get around. Back aches used to be issues of the elderly and people that have worked physically throughout their life. Nowadays, even children are prone to back pain.

All this can be explained by our lifestyle. Us humans have been engineered to move a lot. It started with finding food, hunting, wandering and doing everything by hand. Most of these things have become the exception rather than normality throughout the past decades.

In order to keep us erect, the spine needs a strong musculature, which carries our body weight. Muscles are strengthened by physical movement. Hence, our musculature diminishes the less we use it. Most jobs include a lot of sitting. At home, we sit on the sofa or in front of a screen. Getting around, we sit in the car, the train or in an airplane. These things lead up to where our back can't support weight anymore, causing harmed discs, slipped discs of postural defects.

Lumbar support is a way to support your spine without having to spend your spare time on physical exercise.

Are Lumbar Support Belts Effective?

Lumbar support belts sit in the lumbar area of your spine and help transmit weight from your spine to the belt and to your muscles. This leads to a necessary relieve of the spine.

How back support belts work: They help you build up musculature to a point where your back is strong enough to bring itself into a healthy posture. That way, you can prevent damage and correct your posture.

How To Adjust Lumbar Support?

The support belts come with a comprehensive guide that tells you where exactly you should place it in order to get the maximum out of it. Let us give you a short overview on how should a lumbar support be positioned:

You put it above your lumbar vertebrae. That way, it can support your back in its weakest and most vulnerable area.

If you feel like the belt forces you in an erect position, which causes a correct posture, you have adjusted it the right way. Of course, wearing the belt should not be painful of make you feel uncomfortable. It that is the case, you might have tightened it too much.

What Is A Lumbar Support Belt?

The support belts are made out of sturdy material, which is strong enough to support your back. By putting them around your waist in the lumbar area, they take a lot of weight away from your spine, which results in a major disburden. That way, the adjustable belt helps your body into a healthy posture, which goes easy on your backbone and helps your musculature get strong enough to carry your body weight.

Why Use Lumbar Support?

If you suffer from postural defects, back pain or both, it is time to react. Bad cases should consider physical therapy. But instead of relying on punctual treatment, people with back aches should consider a change of lifestyle. Since that´s not always possible, you need an alternative to strengthen your muscles and to disburden your spine.

But what does a lumbar support belt do? It can be worn almost everywhere, giving you the support that you need throughout the entire day. Little strokes fell big oaks: If you work on your posture a few hours a day without having to use your spare time for special exercises, you can successfully strengthen your back and get rid of pain.

What Is Good Lumbar Support?

Lumbar support is good as soon as it supports the lower region of your back, which is very prone to postural issues and pains.

What Is Driver Lumbar Support?

We spend a lot of time in the car. Certain belts can be worn on the driver´s seat in order to help him into a healthy posture. That way, he can avoid pains while driving and do long-term work on his posture.

How to use lumbar support in your car? Just like in any other place. Just make sure that it is positioned correctly.

What Is Lumbar Support For Office Chair?

If you spend a lot of time in the office and are literally tied to your chair, you harm your back. You might even notice the short-term effects after sitting in the same position for more than an hour. This is where a belt starts to make sense. It can help you sit up and take away weight from your spine as you get your work done.

But where is the lumbar support on an office chair? And what is the best lumbar support for office chair? Like in any other place, the belt sits around your lumbar area, where it can assume the most weight from your backbone.

Does Lumbar Support Help Sciatica?

Having trouble with your sciatica can quite literally be a pain in the back. As the support belt takes over a lot of weight, there is less pressure on the sciatica nerve as you sit. That, of course, leads to less pain and can help to reduce sciatica issues in the long run.

Is Lumbar Support Bad For You?

Some people ask: Can lumbar support cause back pain? Even though it might feel uncommon in the beginning to be forced into a correct posture, the belts cannot harm your back.


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