Positive Effects Of Knee Pillows On Your Body

Words by Ron Rauwerda
March 16, 2020
Words by Ron Rauwerda
March 16, 2020

If a bad posture has already taken a toll on your body, your joints might hurt especially at night when you get to rest. A simple tool can help you get the sleep you need: the knee pillow.

How Does Knee Pillow Work?

A knee pillow is a special kind of pillow, designed to be put between your legs if you are a side sleeper. As your upper knee can rest on the pillow, your hip joint is disburdened, too. Since the upper leg is brought into a line that is parallel to the lower leg, all joints rest in a perfect angle.

That way, a knee pillow for side sleeping can help prevent hurtful joints and also help recovering from joint pains.

How To Place Knee Pillow

The knee pillow is supposed to sit right between your knees. In that position, it can carry the weight of the upper leg. Your hip, your knees and even your ankles are relieved. That way, you can find a comfortable position, which doesn´t cause any pain, and get the sleep that you´re in need of.

Knee Pillow For Back Sleeping

Even though we talk a lot about knee pillow for side sleeping, there is a knee pillow for back sleeping, too. It works a little different, but is just as effective.

Which Knee Pillow Is Best?

It is hard to answer this question. Since everyone has individual needs and their own proportions, it is important for you to find the pillow that works best for you and your body.

How thick should a knee pillow be, is another question in this context. It depends on your body, the width of your hips and the volume of support that you wish for. The rule of thumb says that the perfect knee pillow lifts your knee up to bring your legs into a parallel position. That means the knee pillow should be as thick as your hips are wide.

How To Chose a Knee Pillow?

Like we just mentioned, it is important that the knee pillow suits your body as well as your individual needs. Various groups of people can benefit from the different versions and sizes of knee pillows.

Knee Pillow For Bad Back

If you suffer from back pain, a knee pillow for back sleeping might be a great support for you. As it supports your knees, it also takes away some weight from your hips. That way, a knee pillow for lower back pain can help you reduce your back pains.

Knee Pillow For Pregnancy

Pregnant women often suffer from insomnia. They just cannot seem to find a position that is comfortable enough to relax. Women that used to sleep on their stomach need to find a new way of reclining, which can feel uncommon and particularly uncomfortable due to the growing baby bump.

A knee pillow supports a pregnant woman´s joints and helps her find into sleep easier. A good night´s sleep is extremely important and the better our body recovers throughout the night, the fitter you are the next day.

Knee Pillow For Hip Replacement

People, who have just gotten a new hip joint in surgery, should be extremely cautious and treat their joints carefully. A knee pillow gives your joints the support they need, which will result in a healthy motor system and a good posture.

Knee Pillow For Arthritic Knees and knee pillow for osteoarthritis

A lot of people out there suffer from arthritis, which can be extremely painful. The chronic inflammation of joints leaves people insomniac as most cannot find a good position. Being in pain is awful. The right knee pillow can help reduce the pain, though.

By adjusting it right under or between the knees, it helps take away the weight our joints carry even at night when we recline to rest.

Knee Pillows can help arthritic knees recover more quickly and act as a natural pain relief. If you suffer from osteoarthritis, your inflamed bones can benefit from the pillow, too.

Knee Pillow For Sciatica Relief

The sciatica nerve is very prone to entrapment and strain. Pregnant women often deal with sciatica pain, too, which can feel like electric waves streaming from your back into your legs.

Sometimes, it is impossible for the affected person to fall asleep. The pain and the discomfort cause insomnia, unhealthy relieving posture and can result in even more pain in the long run.

If a knee pillow for sciatica is adjusted right, it can carry the weight of the affected leg without putting pressure on the sciatica nerve. That way, you can get a good night´s sleep and begin to heal.

Knee Pillow With Strap

Many people move around a lot in their sleep. But there is a way to make sure, the knee pillow rests exactly where it is needed. If you purchase a pillow with a strap, you can strap it to your legs so that your knee won´t slip off.

This kind of pillow is extremely suitable for people with medical issues like back pain, arthritis or people after a hip replacement. As a good posture should urgently be held up throughout the whole night, a knee pillow with Velcro strap is the best option.

What Does Knee Pillow Do?

A knee pillow can help you fall asleep, sleep through the night and heal. All you need to do is to make sure that it suits your needs and your proportions. Use it in a preventive way or in order to lessen physical issues.


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