Treating Knee Pain With The Power Of Nature

Words by Ron Rauwerda
August 28, 2020
Words by Ron Rauwerda
August 28, 2020

Torn cartilage, ruptured ligament, and other medical conditions like arthritis may cause knee pain. Treating knee pain successfully will have you look around for solutions, and it is interesting to note many people are getting more interested in natural ways for healing.

Data from Harvard Health reveal knee pain is a common problem among various people. According to Dr. Rebecca Breslow, an orthopedic surgery instructor and sports medicine doctor at the school, many active older women and athletes yield to knee pain, and other pain-inducing health conditions.

The pathway to successfully providing treatment for such must not be difficult. More than medical procedures, surgeries, or medicines, people may look at conquering knee pain with herbs, essential oils, and implementing home remedies. Otherwise known as naturopathy, this system for optimum health shall ease the pain in this area.

treating knee pain

Treating knee pain with herbs

How severe can your knee pain be? It may vary depending on the cause, but knee pain symptoms include stiffness, swelling, weakness, inability to move or extend the knee, popping noises, redness and warmth when touched.

The growing interest in naturopathy or using natural resources like herbs has shown promising effects for various pains and diseases. Can it also work with knee pain? Natural remedies may help manage mild symptoms, especially when supplemented with more options for treatment.

It is because herbs are regarded to have anti-inflammatory properties that help with osteoarthritis and other forms of knee pain. However, before having any of these natural herbs, essential oils, and home remedies, be sure to consult with your physician.


The medicinal properties of cinnamon, a spice derived from trees' interior bark, are prized for thousands of years. In the ancient period, this herb was regarded with high value as gifts given to kings.

Loaded with anti-inflammatory properties, this is perfect for treating knee pain and arthritis. Incorporating the herb into your diet will unleash the capabilities of the ingredient for your health. It may inhibit cell damage, thus reducing the pain. Cinnamon is beneficial for people with rheumatoid arthritis.

Aloe vera

Meanwhile, aloe vera comes in gel, cream, or moisturizer forms. Aloe belongs to a genus that has hundreds of flowering plant species. Though many herb species are concentrated in North Africa, it has been used for its therapeutic healing for many centuries in Japan, India, Greece, Egypt, China, and Mexico.

When used in treating knee pain, its anti-inflammatory properties will soothe the problem through the cooling effect it provides. Like having this on skin burns, aloe vera can reduce knee pain as it has a compound that suppresses inflammation-causing interleukin-1 in the joints, speeding up the recovery.

Ginger extract

If not included with your diet intake, these herbs are useful for knee pain when formulated as ointments. Ginger is found in supplements, tea, or spices added to your favorite dishes. Aside from offering treatment for nausea, regulating blood sugar, and improving dental health, ginger extract is also advisable for reducing knee and arthritis pain.

Have the best results when you take ginger extract alongside sesame oil, mastic, and cinnamon.


The eucalyptus leaf often produces the flavoring for a variety of candy brands. However, when intended for knee pain treatment, it has tons of advantages for health. The ointment with eucalyptus has been very effective in easing knee pain.

It reduces pain and inflammation, especially among those with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

treating knee pain

Will essential oils work for knee pain?

Apart from healing herbs, there is also a field in natural health systems that could be proven to offer outcomes for those suffering from knee pain. Essential oils are compounds from plant extracts mostly used in aromatherapy. Note that your herbs that may be produced as oil, including eucalyptus and ginger essential oils.

Many of them are inhaled to stimulate the body towards the healing process and thus are not swallowed. They are also used to rub onto the skin and where the person feels the pain. The popular kinds are peppermint, sandalwood, rose, ylang-ylang, tea tree, and lemon.


Cayenne is pepper, a hot chili in Oriental and Ayurvedic healing practices that may help treat various circulatory conditions. The active ingredient in cayenne for pain relief is known as capsaicin.

Studies showed that when used as creams, the spice can alleviate the pain. The oil from cayenne pepper comes with natural analgesic properties that relieve the pain in the knees by producing a warm sensation, thus minimizing pain in the affected area.


On the other hand, the fragrance is what the rosemary oil can offer. Native in the Mediterranean, rosemary's etymology means "dew of the sea." It is valued for how it stimulates and strengthens the body during therapy.

The effects of this essential oil for knee pain treatment are immediate. With their anti-inflammatory attributes, the oil can also stimulate blood circulation, easing the pain and helping wounds to coagulate for faster healing and speedy recovery.


The oil from lavender, a flower from the mountains of the Mediterranean and northern Africa, has been used for shampoos, fragrances, beauty products, and skincare.

When added to your warm bath or applied topically, the essential oil may reduce pain in ligaments, tendons, and joints. Dilute this with sweet almond oil, and you get a formula best for osteoarthritis treatment for the knee.


This herb usually appears in tea that can improve the quality of your sleep. Chamomile has the antioxidant apigenin, which binds in specific brain receptors to reduce insomnia and enhance sleeping patterns.

Oil from chamomile can also relieve knee pain and be sedative; it also calms the nervous system to facilitate a restful night's sleep.

Home remedies for knee pain treatment

When it comes to knee pain, there is no better way than you incorporate healing practices at home. Here are knee pain remedies you can have at home to help ease the severity.

1. Weight management

Pain in the knees becomes more severe among overweight and obese individuals. They put additional pressure in the joint area and also increases inflammation.

Starting a good diet at home is the path to take, and the option to make. Prepare your meals that are high in fruit, vegetables, and fiber. Be sure that they are low in meat and other fats.

2. Strengthening workouts

Exercises designed for strengthening the legs' upper muscles will help protect the area prone to the pain. These are located at the front and sides of the thighs.

You can do some at home exercises for physical fitness to raise and straighten the leg when lying down or seated. Get one foot up a step, to the other, stepping down once more, and repeat.

Then, sit down on a chair and repeatedly stand up and sit for about a minute. Do this slowly and gradually, using the hands for support. Hold the chair and squat until your kneecaps cover the toes. You may do this workout ten times.

3. Orthopedic pillows 

The pillows you use now can only do so much, and there is a particular variant of pillow you can have not only to support better sleep, but also can help in your recovery from knee pain, as well as other conditions.

Orthopedic pillows, such as pillows between knees and knee pillows for side sleepers, feature memory foam as their materials that instantly adapt to the body, making them more effective than pillows with regular foam.

Get the instant relief you need for your knee pain while sleeping as the pillows work to align your spine and legs in the neutral position, relieving all aspects of chronic pain. Becoming pain-free is a possibility with the orthopedic pillow.

pillow between knees

4. Tai chi and yoga

People who are making great strides in their health transformation in their tai chi and yoga practices also started with less idea on doing the postures right. Both Oriental workouts can improve your flexibility and balance.

The routines, often infused with high-intensity interval training, can reduce pain and improve the range of motion. It also includes deep breathing and relaxation programs. Aside from managing chronic pain, the exercises will also regulate stress levels.

5. Heat and cold therapy

Ideal for treating the lower back, heat, and cold therapy is undoubtedly significant for knee pain. The heat will relax your muscles, improve lubrication, and reduce stiffness. On the other hand, the ice will reduce pain and swelling.

With this, leg elevation is a technique helpful in pain reduction. To do this, you must elevate the leg on the orthopedic pillow above the heart level. Practicing this will decrease blood flow to the affected area and lessen the inflammation.


Many people tend to look far and wide when dealing with the pain that significantly affects their daily activities. Some end up in high-priced surgeries, and it is also apt to point out that choosing the natural way can be more affordable.

For many years, these herbs, oil extracts, and home workouts in the scale of natural healing or home remedy have been utilized for the best of health and well-being. However, consulting with the doctor before taking any herb, supplement, or applying essential oils is necessary to avoid the side effects.

We live in changing times. With today’s advanced health innovations are traditional ways that harness the power of nature and allow you to see the wonders they can offer. They can target where it is painful, helping lessen the strain and allowing you to relieve the knee pain.


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