Body Sore After Riding Motorcycle

October 14, 2021
October 14, 2021

Riding motorcycles can be fun. It is an unforgettable combination of exhilaration, fear, relaxation, and pleasure.  A motorcycle ride usually follows a set rhythm or pattern to offer a pleasurable and exciting experience.          

If you are riding your motorcycle for hours, chances are that you will experience a sore bum at some point in your biking experience as seats don't always have adequate padding. Hence, most every biker has experienced some degree of numbness or aching in their rear end during extended rides.

Motorcycle Riding Position

The problem might be your riding position. To avoid pain in your neck, arms, and back during your motorcycle ride, it is important to have proper body position. There are three basic positions while riding a motorcycle; Standard, Sport, and Cruiser.


This is the traditional position used by motorcyclists from the beginning. In many ways, this is a great position for riding. It keeps the back straight and the neck in a more neutral posture. Your gaze is pointed straight ahead, not upward or downward, when you're in an upright stance. This position promotes a more relaxed and comfortable posture, resulting in a more enjoyable ride.

Because there is no hunch in your posture on a standard riding position, it may be the ideal choice for prolonged journeys. The best way to avoid stiffness and future postural difficulties is to keep your shoulders in a neutral position.


The sport riding position differs significantly from the standard riding position. The body is in a forward lean in the sport riding position with the feet normally behind the knees and the head extended. The forearms should be parallel to the ground at all times. The wrists should be in a position that is close to neutral.

Your torso has to combat the wind pressure when traveling at high speeds. On the other hand, slower speeds cause pain in the arms and lower back as your wrists and lower spinal muscles take up the majority of the body's support.

This type of motorcycle riding position is not for long rides because this position dictates that your back muscles will be supporting your upper body, so there will probably be a strain.

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After the standard riding position, the cruiser is the second most comfortable position. The operator is in a somewhat reclined position in this position. When you are in a cruiser riding position, you can adopt a casual, laid-back position. When compared to the knee, the feet are frequently forward. The grips and controls have been raised slightly. The head is upright and in a neutral position. With the legs held near to the fuel tank, the hips and pelvis are relaxed. This position looks and feels comfortable, especially for older riders, and at lower speeds. 

It all boils down to knowing what you want to do with the bike. Maintain appropriate alignment of the wrists, shoulders, neck, and low back. Not only will this help you avoid muscle tiredness, but it will also make you a safer rider. Some motorcycles may appeal to you more than others in terms of appearance. However, if you want to keep enjoying your riding experience, you need to be comfortable and safe.

Motorcycle Parts

The parts of your motorcycle can be adjusted to improve the comfort and durability of your ride.


Width of the seat: The sit bones in your body provide enough support as you sit on the motorcycle seat. The sit bones in your body are two bony knobs at the bottom of your rump that you can feel. You want your sit bones to be firmly planted on the motorcycle's seat so that they can support your complete bodyweight. This is why it's important to properly adjust the bike's seat while assessing the width of the sit bones.

Softness of the seat: When you buy your bike, it will come with a stock seat, which is often of poor quality and somewhat uncomfortable. You should consider the overall hardness of the seat. Contrary to popular opinion, having a highly soft bike seat on board can make your ride quite uncomfortable. This is due to the soft foam of the seat pressing down on the sit bones. As a result, the body will exert a lot more pressure on the delicate area between the bones.·

Position of the seat: The seat should not be positioned too far forward or too far back. It's also a good idea to avoid sitting in the wrong portion of the seat. Sit in such a way that your sit bones can rest comfortably on the seat without placing pressure on the sensitive areas around your bum.


The foot pegs should be close enough to the rider to provide adequate leg support. If they are too far apart, the leg muscles must work overtime to prevent the legs from collapsing. The tiniest adjustment to your foot peg location can have a significant impact on overall body posture.


A large percent of bike riders have handlebars that aren't on the proper peak level. Incorrect handlebar placement can result in hand numbness and tingling, neck and backaches. Handlebars must be measured perfectly to your height and position. This isn't always something to ignore, otherwise, it is able to cause lower back ache and lost driving time.

Tips to Prevent Body Sore After Riding Motorcycle

Find the Correct Riding Position

Most motorcycles have adjustable handlebars and footpegs. Try to adjust the position of the handlebar as well as levers & controls to suit your sitting position. Consequently, you should emphasize correcting the sitting position on the seat in a way that there is no added pressure on the sensitive areas of your back.

The incorrect position will tighten your muscles on your shoulders, lower back, and torso. Thus, be mindful of your back. Make an effort to keep your back in the right place. Keep your back straight during everyday activities like walking around or lounging. If you sit all day for work, then sit on your bike for your commute, stretch before you get on your bike, and when you get off. If you have a long ride, make sure you take breaks with stretching in between.

The key to maintaining posture is consistency that is why you need to be mindful of your posture at all times. It will help you improve your overall ability to maneuver and turn easily. Always remember that you can also adjust your bike to suit your preferences and not just conform to the bike.

Stay Relaxed

Keep your body relaxed. If you are tensing your muscles while riding, try to relax your shoulders or do a couple neck rolls. Take advantage of little breaks such as being stuck in traffic or waiting for a red light to turn green  to stretch your muscles, like your back, ankles, and wrists.

Additionally, try and maintain a straight back at all times, not only when riding. A slouched position often leads to an unnatural riding position and will definitely result in back pain after even a short ride. For this reason, whenever you are slouching, make an effort to return the position into the correct one.

Check Your Motorcycle Settings

Make sure to adjust the seat height, the handlebars, and the footrests. Since not everyone has the same torso length and height, they should be customized to fit your body.

Wear Comfortable Undergarments

To avoid bum sores, you also have to consider the kind of undergarments you wear. If the undergarments are too tight and body-hugging, there is less scope for air to pass through. Because of this, there would be accumulation of moisture & sweat, along with constant friction caused to prolonged sitting will then lead to sores. To prevent this from happening, you should aim at wearing comfortable undergarments.

Back Brace

Try a back brace for back pain and riding motorcycles. Many riders are enjoying the benefits of little to no pain while wearing a brace. It provides the same lumbar stabilization and orthopedic support, with variations in the liner and shell materials for different applications.

Motorcycle riding must be a fun-filled experience. Hence, you have to make sure to take proper care of how to prevent body sores when you are riding for prolonged periods. By following the right techniques, you cannot only prevent sores at your back, but also enhance the overall riding experience. However, if you feel back pain while riding a motorcycle excessively, you need to see experts and get treated before it gets worse. This will prevent the worst pain in the future, and keep you on the road.


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