The Best Comfortable Hammock for Side Sleepers

August 3, 2021
August 3, 2021

Sleeping in a hammock is one of the most underrated ways to relax. Drinking an ice-cold beer while feeling the gentle breeze as you lay on your hammock - what more can you ask for! In the current pandemic, turning your backyard into a place where you can unwind is a must.

If you love sleeping on your side, even better! We have compiled some of the best comfortable hammocks for side sleepers in 2021.

The Best Comfortable Hammocks for Side Sleepers

Hennessy Hammock

First on our list of the best comfortable hammocks for side sleepers in 2021 is the Hennessy Expedition. This hammock is pretty famous among backpackers and explorers because its numerous characteristics afford significant functionality.

It is made of a high-quality substance that shields users against harsh environmental elements and insects.

This hammock is straightforward to set up. Its fundamental ridgeline warrants the same bed every night and a complete setup every time. Also, its quality material and heavy-duty zippers further improve the outdoor experience and offer outstanding performance.

It can hold people up to 6 ft in height and up to 250 lbs in weight. The 10-foot-long polyester cord has been examined, tried, and proven to handle even 1,600 lbs of load.

This extremely lightweight, small, and firm hammock always helps maintain your comfort. The convenience of it will undoubtedly put your bed to shame. It draws its coziness from the novel half-done pattern, which contains the knee and back.

This Hennessy Expedition hammock is an excellent long-lasting product to invest in, which provides you an incredible feeling of comfort and security.

Overall, this hammock offers you the comfort you are looking for when it comes to sleeping in the wilderness or your yard while providing you with stability and a sense of security.

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  • Lightweight
  • Can keep you dry
  • Comfortable for side-sleepers
  • Extremely portable
  • Easy installation


  • Insect net can’t be removed

Lawson's Blue Ridge Camping Hammock

Next on our list of the best comfortable hammocks for side sleepers is the Lawson's Blue Ridge Camping Hammock.

This hammock is a cross between a tent and a hammock because of its novel, relatively smooth layout, great for terrain or air installment. 

A flat lay hammock like this one can be pretty convenient for those who prefer sleeping somewhat on their sides or even on their bellies because it does not wrap around you as much as conventional hammocks.

The flat style helps to keep the sides downward and away from your face, so you can be more relaxed while napping in your favored position.

You could even describe this distinct design as a bridge hammock since there is a spreader pole to help prevent the sides from clustering together as they would in a more typical hammock configuration. Therefore, when the sides are kept farther apart, you can relax more easily.

It's magnificent that this unique bridge hammock has incorporated bug mesh and a rainfly that you can effortlessly fasten when you want to utilize them.

Both of these additional features would usually fetch you more cash, but they can be connected to the hammock without requiring any other tools. You can even utilize it without the typical top section if you crave to get some sunlight.

Lawson also appropriated only the highest caliber elements to guarantee that this hammock will operate well for you and endure for a long time. For example, nylon is both impermeable and rip-resistant, and even the polyester employed in some sections is rip-resistant.

The Lawson's Blue Ridge Camping Hammock has a load limit of 275 lbs, and all of the bars and arch posts applied are made from enduring, shock-corded aluminum to hold them in place for many ages to come. If that's not enough, Lawson has also incorporated a one-year guarantee with this hammock to warrant that your first year of usage goes without any hitch.


  • Innovative design
  • Durable
  • Sides stay in place
  • Weather resistant
  • Adequate size


  • Not ideal for cold temperatures
  • Requires additional items if used as a tent

Snugpack Hammock Cocoon

Making our list of the best comfortable hammock for side sleepers for 2021 is the Snugpak Insulated Cocoon Hammock. This hammock is the best hammock you can obtain if you plan to go camping in winter or in any place where the temperatures are relatively lower.

You might be wondering, so how exactly does this hammock help you if you like sleeping on your side?

Simple, the single-person hammock comes with a full-length zipper that you can use to secure your body even if you nap sideways and prevents you from constantly moving around while you sleep.

Moreover, the full-length zipper of this hammock also enables you to decide how your hammock needs to be bound and quickly entered.

It's devised in a way that enables you to be warm, comfortable, and protected while inside this hammock. In addition, this hammock's form helps users maintain an extraordinary amount of warmth.

It is made of high-quality substance as well as it is effortless to connect. Many users have attested to how effortless it is to install the Snugpak Insulated Hammock.

This model is a refreshed variant of the Snugpak Cocoon, highlighting better cushioning and a long-lasting zipper, but its main shortcoming is its weight of 67 oz.


  • Durable
  • Great insulation
  • Straightforward installation
  • Made of quality materials
  • Comfortable for side and stomach sleepers


  • Weight is not ideal for long hikes
  • Doesn’t leave you enough space to move around while sleeping

Tentsile T Mini 2-Person Lightweight Hammock

Next on our list of the best comfortable hammocks for side sleepers is the Tentsile T Mini 2-Person Lightweight Hammock. This hammock is a tensioned-designed hammock that needs three security points as opposed to the typical two. You’ll remark from staring at this hammock that it has a novel three-sided design.

The extra tension produced by this type of setup makes this a sort of flat lay hammock or level hammock, which can be excellent for those who fancy turning onto their side or sleep on their stomach.

When you have a horizontal area, you’re more capable of getting cozy with the sides of the hammock.

Prior to going further into the features of this product, it is worthy of declaring that Tentsile is an exceptionally eco-friendly alternative as they apply well-sourced elements. Moreover, from each hammock sold, they support by planting trees.

Now, let’s get back to this modern alternative to a tree canopy. The Tentsile T Mini 2-Person Lightweight Hammock weighs about four lbs in total, and it allows you 40 square feet of room to rest. One or even two grown-ups could easily use it simultaneously, and the hammock is tested to hold up to 485 lbs.

This hammock is an excellent alternative when dealing with rough, irregular, or jagged terrain that even the most excellent tent cushion wouldn’t be capable of fighting.

Rather than attempting to make the landscape satisfying, why not get off the soil altogether? That’s what the T-mini enables you to do: unwind up and off of the terrain.

To set up this kind of hammock, you will possess everything you require, but you’ll necessitate locating robust support trees.

Also, this setting only has one ratcheting leash, and the other two are standard. So, you will have to modify it to get it set up the way you desire it.


  • Enough room for 2
  • Edges stay in place
  • Extremely portable
  • Quality made
  • Stable setup


  • Can be challenging to install for first-timers
  • Not exactly cozy

ENO - Eagles Nest Outfitters OneLink Hammock

Next on our list of the best comfortable hammocks for side sleepers is the ENO Eagles Nest OneLink Hammock. This hammock is made of a breathable high-caliber nylon taffeta substance, excellent for backpacking, hiking, and camping.

Its components are fully breathable, which significantly helps those who run hot when you sleep, and on top of that, this hammock is antibacterial.

This compact hammock dries pretty fast due to its primary material used, making this an all-weather choice. This hammock makes a perfect addition to your camping equipment and for those who are tenting for the day.

For the many people who have never had the opportunity to utilize a hammock before, you will find this camping hammock relatively straightforward to connect. It also arrives with a manual to help lead you through the entire process. 

Moreover, ENO Eagles Nest OneLink Hammock also comes with a quality-made steel carabiner and a naval-grade line. Also incorporated are a DoubleNest hammock and a storm tarp, Guardian bug mesh, Atlas suspension bands, two steel carabiners, and one aluminum stake in this One Link scheme.

It is made of high-quality components proficient in carrying 400 lb of pressure suitable for two people.


  • Enough room for 2
  • Edges stay in place
  • Dries quickly
  • Quality made
  • Stable setup


  • Purchase does not come with straps
  • Not exactly cozy

FIRINER Camping Hammock

Concluding our list of the best comfortable hammocks for side sleepers is the FIRINER Camping Hammock, one of the best camping hammocks on the market but not exactly the most economical.

It's not as affordable as other tent hammocks, but we believe it's well-deserving its price tag.

Camping hammocks highlight an experienced camper, which is why exploration aficionados adore them. However, if you favor going camping, you can pick this hammock.

It has an assortment of numerous accessories, and it is effortless to place. It also has an automated quick-opening scheme, enhanced metallic style carabiner, tree bands, and other accessories; it's simple to put in place and enjoy. There is no requirement for bonds to finish the connection.

This tent hammock is a lot more convenient than every other of its competitors. This product affords the convenience and security you need. You can set it near the shore or set up for a snug evening rest.

It is incredibly lightweight and comfortable to transport. It weighs 1.39 lb, which makes it relatively handy to take with you on your trip.


  • Can hold a lot of weight
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Quality made
  • Provides ample security


  • Expensive
  • Poor rain fly execution

How Do You Sleep Comfortably in a Hammock

The bulk of hammocks are invented for back resting only.

Nevertheless, side sleeping in a hammock is plausible, depending on the design you choose. Ideally, look for a more roomy hammock with an asymmetrical layout if you fancy side sleeping at bedtime.

Side sleepers and those who move about a lot at bedtime might favor a hammock that can accommodate two adults because of the expanded space. 

A sleeping mattress can also help supply your hammock with more composition, which is advantageous for side sleeping. 

Belly sleeping, on the other hand, is ordinarily pretty tricky in a hammock. Although it can be achieved, it likely won’t be satisfactory for particularly long at all. So belly sleepers should reasonably withdraw from resting overnight in a hammock collectively.

Resting on your side snugly on a hammock, just like in a bed, boils down to individual likings. So here are some methods you can execute to get cozier in a hammock:

Quality Material

A hammock with all additional features stated below will signify nothing if it’s manufactured from low-cost, weak material.

Always go for hammocks constructed with tough fabric to guarantee that it’s sturdy enough to support your mass and the pressure of frequent use.Nylon is the most popular long-lasting substance, and it’s also an affordable selection; go with nylon with a greater denier grade (100 and up).


Utilizing hammocks with a built-in ridgeline makes it more comfortable to obtain a solid hang every time.

Flat lay

Level hammocks afford more excellent ergonomics, plus security and comfort for side sleepers.

Multiple Layers

The material covers of your hammock also play a role in how comfy you are resting on your side.

Many observe that applying two layers of textile is fitting because you can slide bedding between for combined relaxation and warmth during a chillier climate.

Just withdraw using sleeping mats because they change the hammock frame; the exemption is an inflatable sleeping cushion that can balance relaxing on your side.

Use bolsters

While many individuals relax just fine on their side with no assistance whatsoever, there are several steps that you can certainly take to make the activity more pleasant.

For instance, you could put a stuff pouch or a cushion between your joints, use neck support, add a pillow beneath your side, or all of these, if you want - whatever makes you the most comfortable!

Use a bug mesh or net.

While some wilderness hammocks come with a built-in insect screen, uncomplicated recreational hammocks do not.

No one appreciates insects droning around your face, mainly if those bugs bite. A full-length bug mesh can encompass your hammock and produce a spacious pod to enjoy, rest and unwind.

Use a drip line.

On stormy days, water can trickle down your suspension and make your hammock soaked.

To circumvent this, bind a drip line on your suspension, placed beneath your tarp.

Don't attach your hammock too firmly.

Too many individuals strive to string up a hammock as tightly as possible connecting support points. This can create a cocooning outcome that can compress your arms and bend your back awkwardly.

Alternatively, try attaching your hammock with a sufficient sag, resembling a smile. If you want to nerd out, an ideal opening angle is 30-degrees from level.

This is an essential bit of advice to make your hammock more relaxing and won't cause you painful joints. A profound sag also reduces the center of gravity, causing the hammock to be more steady and more difficult to fall out of.


Can you sleep in a hammock everyday?

  • Sleeping in a hammock(which is mainly intended for outdoor use) isn’t for everybody. Moreover, depending on how you snooze and your overall fitness, you may encounter undesired side effects.
  • Daily hammock sleeping side effects may include the following:
  • stiffness (due to limited space for stretching)
  • risk of falling out
  • back pain
  • postural changes
  • difficulty getting in or out
  • neck pain

Do you need a pillow in a hammock?

  • Yes! You can definitely use pillows in a hammock. Alternatively, you could put a stuff pouch or a cushion between your joints, use neck support, add a pillow beneath your side, or all of these, if you want - whatever makes you the most comfortable!

Can you sleep on your stomach in a hammock?

  • Belly sleeping is ordinarily pretty tricky in a hammock. Although it can be achieved, it likely won’t be satisfactory for particularly long at all. So belly sleepers should reasonably withdraw from resting overnight in a hammock collectively.

In Conclusion: The Best Comfortable Hammock for Side Sleepers

The best comfortable hammocks for side sleepers are designed with particular applications in mind. In addition to hiking, backpacking, and compact hammocks, many other variants supply more distinct niches. 

For instance, there are products designed for freezing weather and types intended to provide space for two sleepers at once conveniently.

Begin your research for the best camping hammock with its designated use and your favored camping technique in mind. This will assist you in prioritizing which peculiarities are most significant to you.


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