What Makes a Pillow Between the Knees Different?

Words by Ron Rauwerda
August 5, 2020
Words by Ron Rauwerda
August 5, 2020

After an eight-hour work day, your strenuous workout or after an evening out you go to your bedroom to get your well-earned night's sleep with your pillows.

However, there is one kind of pillow that is worth noting, and this is the pillow between the knees. More than just the aesthetic purposes, the knee cushions ensure the best of everyone's well-being, especially when you have this pillow with you.

What is a knee pillow? 

Knee pillows are designed to comfortably fit between your legs, opening up space in the area just between the thighs and the knees, while you sleep, lie down on the bed, or take a nap. It offers maximum support and strategically-designed also to relieve lower back pressure and sciatica.

The best knee pillow is characterized as a cushion with a curvature, just right to fit in between the knees. Other variants have straps, so you keep them more stable throughout the sleep.

No pillows should ever hinder on comfort, which is why it is given that pillows have the right materials. However, with the knee pillow, the perfect content must be a wear-resistant memory foam that provides long-lasting comfort. There are knee cushions or pillows of this kind that may turn flat with continuous use, so it's essential to use a pillow that does not.

What makes these knee pillows different?

On a usual night, you will have two or three pillows in your bedroom. These are categorized according to the materials, including natural fill pillows, synthetic fill pillows, and foam pillows.

  • Natural fill - Down, feather materials, or a combination, are your options. You can find these in the organic or hypoallergenic types.
  • Synthetic fill - These are either made of cloth or polyester fibers and likewise affordable and hypoallergenic
  • Foam - Find these in materials including latex, polyurethane, and memory foam. Hypoallergenic, the foam pillows may be more expensive, but they comfort best with the person's head and neck, offering the best of support.

The practical choice for your health

Looking at how these knee pillows are designed, it may seem like they are a luxury. Well, on the other end of the spectrum, it is a practical choice for wellness. You may have heard of misconceptions that to straighten up the posture, you must forego the pillow since you lie on the flat bed's surface.

Pillows are there to support the upper body during sleep, a time when the body repairs itself ready for the next morning. They also keep the spine in the correct alignment. The material, quality, and breathability are essential considerations to find the best pillow.

Without the pillow, the neck will strain as its positions, in the same way, all night, and without having the pillow, the pressure with the neck muscles is not evenly distributed. Thus, you experience headaches, stiffness, and neck pain.

Adding the pillow between knees in your room or utilizing them during sleep will further enhance comfort. Recommended to those diagnosed with sciatica, back pain, and other issues with physique alignment, orthopedic knee pillows are a must-have.

It relieves knee and back pain

According to the Mayo Clinic, knee pain is a common type of pain that happens to all age groups. If you are an athlete, it may happen right after a match, with torn and ruptured cartilages. Individuals who have arthritis will have knee pain as part of the effects.

On the other hand, back pain can affect the spine and your posture, and these are due to not sitting in the right position while at work or involved in workplaces that demand heavy for the body.

Knee cushions prevent knees from continuously pressing against each other, thus reducing the pressure on this area of the body. The best knee pillow will also enhance posture as it works to support the legs, aligning the spine to its natural positioning.

Pillows of this kind will support and balance the hip, giving a reduction to your spine and lower back, ideal for back of knee pains. It also aligns your spine, minimizes stress from the knees through even distribution, and promotes blood circulation, especially in the lower limbs.

Pregnant women may have a knee pillow to reduce back pains that may happen during this moment in their lives. Individuals diagnosed with sciatica can benefit from orthopedic knee pillows reducing the pressure in their sciatic nerves.

You get maximum comfort

Sleep is essential for health; there is no doubt about that. Inadequate sleep will cause memory decline, mood swings, weakened immune system, weight gain, difficulty concentration, and more. In other words, insufficient sleep is the last thing you want to happen to your body.

It is from sleep where a person can get the energy replenished from staying up several hours during the day. During sleep, the brain collects new information as it removes unnecessary elements from the anatomy. It is when your nerve cells re-communicate to support efficient cognitive function. Thus, it repairs the cells, restores energy, and replenishes through hormonal releases.

What could be the better way to get all these health benefits than to choose pillows designed for maximum comfort. Orthopedic knee pillows will not only ensure that you get the quality sleep that your body deserves. Still, they will also guarantee that you are away from back, knee, hip and neck pains, improper spine alignment, and wrong sleeping positions.


Getting good sleep is with your own choices. There is indeed no such thing as perfection, and even with sleeping, you get to fight yourself toward a good night's rest since there are several factors that may lead to sleep challenges. It could be the supplement you take, your diet, or your day-to-day activities.

The best knee pillow truly makes a difference. Adding this to the pillows you have today will ensure that you will wake up renewed, refreshed, and full of energy.


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