Why Memory Foam Pillows Are Better Than Regular Pillows

Words by Leslie Lidot
June 18, 2020
Words by Leslie Lidot
June 18, 2020

We all know that bedding is not the cheapest product out there, and some may not perceive it as worth the spend. But investing in a proper mattress and good pillows like memory foam pillows are relevant if you wish to get as much sleep as possible.

What is Memory Foam?

memory foam pillows

Memory foam is a type of bedding material made out of polymer known as polyurethane. This type of material softens due to heat and pressure. It provides superior comfort as it easily molds when exposed to heat. It doesn't require a massive amount of heat; the heat coming from your body is enough to change its shape.

What is Memory Foam Pillow?

memory foam pillows

Memory foam pillows are one of the top innovative sleeping essentials nowadays. Although they're more expensive than the regular pillows, this type of pillow is worth your money.
It uses memory foam as a primary material to help improve the quality of sleep and comfort. It's designed explicitly with thickness to help support and enhance the pressure in the head, neck, and legs (knee pillow).

What Are the Advantages of Memory Foam Pillows?

A memory foam pillow gives many advantages than regular pillows. It may be pricey for a pillow, but the benefits it provides are adequate.
Here are some of the advantages of using this pillow to help you decide:

1. Adjustable

You don't have to spend the night adjusting your pillow while you sleep as memory foam pillows are adaptable and quickly adapts to the body without frequently changing it. It adapts according to your sleeping posture.

memory foam pillows
memory foam pillows

2. Durable

The materials used in memory foam pillows are more durable compared to regular pillows. It's long-lasting than cotton-pillows that quickly turn flat within a short period of use.

3. Variety of Sizes & Shape

It's a struggle looking for the perfect pillow that exactly fits and matches our needs. Memory foam pillows are readily available in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you can pick the perfect one you need.

memory foam pillows
memory foam pillows

4. Hypoallergenic

Memory foam pillows are naturally manufactured using hypoallergenic material. It's especially recommended for patients with asthma as it helps prevent the growth of bacteria, causing dust allergies and skin rashes.

5. Straighten the Spine

Memory foam pillows can conform to the body. The memory foam softens and bends to support every part of your body, including your spine, when you lay down. It fully supports the spine and keeps it in proper alignment that helps relieve back pain problems resulting from poor alignment during sleep.

memory foam pillows

Types of Memory Foam Pillows

There are two different types of memory foam present in pillows: solid and shredded.

Solid Memory Foam Pillow

memory foam pillows

Solid memory foam is packed to the core with supportive foam cells. It is specifically designed to support every movement and improve body temperature.

A Solid Memory Foam Pillow Is For You If...

*You're a side or back sleeper
*You're looking for a cool pillow to sleep on at night
*You’re looking for a firm and supportive pillow
*You constantly experience neck pain

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

memory foam pillows

Shredded memory foam is made up of small individual portions of foam that allows better airflow for the heat to disperse while maintaining a cool sleeping environment.

A Shredded Memory Foam Pillow If For You If…

  • You’re looking for a soft and moldable pillow
  • You prefer a pillow that molds to the shape you want
  • You want an even and comfortable support
  • You’re looking for a pillow that distributes weight to eliminate pressure points

What Makes Memory Foam Pillow Better Than Traditional Pillows?

memory foam pillows

Memory foam pillows adapt to the shape of the head and shoulders, making it better than your traditional pillows. It doesn't push your head upwards while sleeping, which makes it more comfortable with your sleeping style.


Now that you're already aware of the many uses and advantages of memory foam pillows feel free to check out our shop and blog for your reference & buying guide. Feel free to know more about the Comfy Centre Ultra-Dense Pure Memory Foam which is breathable and more comfortable than most memory foams. Check this link.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Do memory foam pillows flatten?

No. Memory foam pillows are specifically designed using polyurethane and other specialized chemicals to provide support and prevent it from lumping. The chemicals used in a memory foam pillow are intended to avoid clumps and require less need for any fluffing. It adequately adapts to your head, allowing you to obtain the utmost comfort while resting.

2.) How long do shredded foam pillows last?

The longevity of the pillow usually depends on the material composition.Shredded memory foam pillows are made up of natural materials, making it last for about five years.If you feel the need to change your pillow or if it's no longer providing you a decent comfort, you can have your shredded memory foam pillow replaced.

3.) How do you clean a memory foam pillow?

Clean your memory foam pillows on a breezy, warm day to speed up the drying.

First, remove the outer cover of your memory foam pillow to begin cleaning the top layer. Sprinkle the pillow with baking soda, making sure it's covered well.

Let it sit for an hour. Then, flip the pillow over and repeat the same step.

Mix a tiny amount of a gentle detergent into a bowl of lukewarm water to remove stains. Once the stains are gone, rinse a clean white cloth into plain water and gently blot to remove any remaining soap.

Allow the memory foam pillow to air dry thoroughly, or you can use a hairdryer set on cool to dry the area.

4.) Does memory foam attract dust mites?

Memory foam, used for pillows, mattresses, and mattress toppers, is resistant to dust mites.

This material used for the memory foam pillow is dense enough to allow these tiny creatures to live and survive inside the pillow.

5.) How to soften/fluff memory foam pillow?

The memory foam's structure comprises millions of molded fibers.

When pressure is applied to the pillow, it stretches out and shrinks back to its original size once the pressure is gone.

If you've been storing your memory foam pillow in a cold room, you may notice that it gets stiff when exposed to cold air.If you have an electric blanket, you can turn it on and let it warm the memory foam pillow for about 10-15 minutes.

You can also place the pillow near the central heating or electric radiators you have at home for about 10 minutes.

Make sure not to touch the radiator directly.

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