Elevate to Alleviate: 4 Benefits of Using Knee Pillow During Pregnancy

Words by Leslie Lidot
August 19, 2020
Words by Leslie Lidot
August 19, 2020

Pregnancy should be a particular time in a couple's life when they celebrate at the anticipation of the upcoming birth of their precious bundle of joy. It's supposed to be less stress, pain, and discomfort. But during pregnancy, it's normal that the body goes through many emotional, physical, and chemical changes in preparation of bearing your child and giving birth.

Pregnancy causes a sensation of aching, exhausted, or heavy legs characterized by heaviness and fatigue in the legs. One of the easiest ways to help reduce aggravating pregnancy leg pain is by incorporating a knee pillow for leg elevation to promote circulation and eliminating the pressure.

But before we dig into the benefits and how-to's of using a knee pillow during pregnancy, we must first understand the signs and causes of pregnancy leg pain.

Signs of Heavy & Aching Legs During Pregnancy

Aching legs initially appear as a sensation of discomfort and fatigue in the legs, usually come as first signs of an actual circulation impairment. The sensations also commonly occur alongside other symptoms:

  • Pain is often surrounded in the calf's interior and posterior area, radiating up to the leg towards the inside of the knee.
  • Pain increases when you're standing for a long time or in contact with heat (hot baths, summer temperatures, hot-wax treatments, etc.).
  • Pain is relieved by winter climates, cold temperatures, rest, elevation of the legs, and walking.
  • Cramps can bring pain at night, a restlessness of the legs causing painful discomfort, inflammation (edema of the ankles), and varicose veins.
  • Pain can often be felt towards the end of the day.
  • Pain is often increasing as the pregnancy progresses.

Always seek your doctor's advice if you're experiencing any of these symptoms to get a suitable treatment & prescription.

Causes of Heavy Legs or Leg Pain During Pregnancy

pillow for leg elevation

The sensation of heavy, aching legs is linked to a lack of firmness and elasticity of the vein walls. It causes slow blood circulation in the veins, making the veins dilated, and blood pressure increases. The valves are responsible for keeping the blood from flowing back down the leg veins. Due to this, they have difficulty sustaining this pressure and gradually become inadequate. Their resistance to leaks decreases and blood deteriorates in the lower portion of the veins, further weakens the vein walls.

4 Benefits of Using Knee Pillow for Leg Elevation During Pregnancy

Sleeping with a knee pillow for leg elevation allows your body to take a load off to restore by pumping the venous blood back to the heart. As the blood circulates, the body is more relaxed and peaceful, leading to a night of healthy sleep.

1. Provides Support

A knee pillow provides added support so you can obtain a comfortable position. This support is crucial for getting an excellent night of rest during pregnancy, especially if you suffer from back pain, joint problems, aches, and other discomforts.

2. Aligns the Spine

While sleeping, the spine's alignment is typically cast out of the natural form. Using a knee pillow for leg elevation can support the legs to align with the hips properly while maintaining the spine in a more natural position. It doesn't only help achieve a better sleep but also keeping the aches and pains in the back at bay when you wake up.

3. Reduces Pressure

Knee pillow can further lessen pressure in essential areas from the knees and ankles to the hips and back. If you are a side sleeper, you might know the weight of your knees is being pressed to one another while sleeping.

4. Reduces Pain

When you reduce pressure, you lessen pain at the same time. Adding pressure to the joints and bones can lead to aches the next morning, and knee pillow for leg elevation can help you wake up with less pain.

How to Sleep with Legs Elevated During Pregnancy

The best way to sleep while pregnant is to place a knee pillow for leg elevation between or under your knees. Ensure that the legs' position is sitting above the heart level to achieve excellent blood flow and circulation. During the day, you can also take three to four breaks to give your legs some rest in an elevated position using a stack of pillows or knee pillow for about 10-15 minutes each time.


Trying to get comfortable and pain-free when you're pregnant can be an actual nightmare. Pain can affect the quality of a person's sleep, causing them to wake more frequently, changing their mood and functioning. Placing a knee pillow for leg elevation promotes better posture and can provide you a more restful night's sleep while maintaining the health of the muscle groups and alignment in your body.


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