Leslie Lidot

Leslie Lidot

Leslie Lidot is a Content Writer at ComfyCentre who aims to provide life-changing solutions for people with body pain, giving them more comfort and relief through a selected range of ergonomic and orthopedic products. Check out more of her pain relieving blogs for more information.
snoring remedies

How to Stop Snoring?

You’ve probably realized by now that your snoring may be a matter of concern. It may get out of control and interfere with you getting a full night’s rest, or maybe your bed companion is fed up with hearing your loud snore all night.

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holiday travel tips

Be Kind to Your Back This Holiday Season (6 Holiday Travel Tips)

With Christmas and New Year’s fast approaching, everyone has been making extensive “to-do” lists for the week ahead, making this season tough on your back. As you get ready to celebrate with family and friends, make sure to take precautions to avoid spending your holiday vacation suffering from back pain.

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memory foam seat cushion

How to Improve the Comfort of Your Office Chair

According to health experts, the best solution for reducing back problems is investing in a comfortable chair and several ergonomic tools. Having a good office seat associated with high-quality ergonomic office equipment provides more benefits than just comfort.

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Comprehensive Facts About Lumbar Support

Back pains are a growing issue in our modern society. Whereas it was a problem that was mainly confined to people that worked manually, it has become a covering issue within the past decades. We have bundled information for you on where this trend is coming from and how to break it through lumbar support.

What’s Living in Your Pillow?

We look forward to getting a good night’s sleep the moment we get home after a hard day’s work. But do you know what’s lurking in your bed with you while you sleep?


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