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Avoid These 8 Mistakes To Prevent Upper Back Pain After Push-ups

Push-up is a full-body workout that doesn't require any special equipment or a costly gym subscription. However, if you perform your push-ups incorrectly, they may change from being your favorite activity to…
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Why Does My Back Hurt After Jumping Rope?

One of the best forms of exercise that meet all those specifications is jumping rope. However, despite being easy, most beginners who take up jumping rope attest that it can lead to…
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The Best Comfortable Hammock for Side Sleepers

Sleeping in a hammock is one of the most underrated ways to relax. Drinking an ice-cold beer while feeling the gentle breeze as you lay on your hammock - what more can…
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How to Manage Back Pain After Jump Rope

As we all know, jumping rope on its own, is a great way to exercise, and even greater to add to any workout! However, many people, especially beginners, often run into some…
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Musculoskeletal Pain & Truck Driving: 8 Tips to Reduce Back Pain for Truck Drivers

Musculoskeletal pain is prevalent among truck drivers. Some may develop this condition without having injuries. Here are few tips to reduce back pain among truck drivers.
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Best Wheelchair Cushions for Pressure Sores 2021

Sitting for hours in a wheelchair can be painful and will eventually lead to sore muscles. The best way to improve comfort and promote postural health is to utilize a wheelchair cushion.
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Elevate Your Home Office with these Home Ergonomic Tips

Are you working from home? elevate your home office with these home ergonomic tips! Your complete guide for your dream office space.
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How to Sit Comfortably with Sciatica?

Sciatica is not a troubling condition, but can generate physical pain and mental distress that worsens over time. Find out the best solution and right pillow for sciatica in this article.
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Snap, Crackle, and Pop: 13 Bad Habits That Are Killing Your Back

Most back pain cases come from insignificant daily routines, which take a toll over the years. Here are the 13 bad back habits you do daily!
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