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6 Non-Surgical Solutions for Lower Back Pain

Most patients undergo surgeries for back pain but some opt for alternative treatments such as these non-surgical back pain relief treatments.
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September is Pain Awareness Month

The purpose of Pain Awareness Month is not only to help the public understand how widespread pain is but educate on what to do with it.
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All About Back Pain: 11 Q&A + Tips from the Back Pain Experts for Back Pain Relief

We asked our spinal experts at to answer some frequently asked questions and provide some helpful tips for back pain relief.
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Trigger Points 101: Understanding and Overcoming Subcategories of Low Back Pain

Low back pain treatment can be manageable if you identify the cause of pain and trigger points are one of the many reasons. Are they related?
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Causes & Prevention for Upper & Middle Back Pain

Middle back pain can be excruciating, it is why determining its causes can help better the pain. Here are five ways you can do to prevent it!
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What's Living in Your Pillow?

The easiest way to prevent yourself from sleeping with germs and getting ill is merely washing your pillows, bedsheets, and pillowcases.
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Advantages and Drawbacks On Your Sleeping Position

The quality of our sleep depends on how we position our bodies; that's why we must know the best sleep positions beneficial for our neck and back.
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6 Steps to Get Rid of Bad Posture: Stretches for Lower Back Pain to Fix Posture & Stop Back Ache

Being aware of your posture helps you correct it yourself. By following these stretches for lower back pain, it will effectively replace your old posture.
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8 Exercises Everyone Should Be Doing to Prevent Back Pain

Nowadays, an inactive lifestyle can sometimes contribute to bad posture and health conditions. Luckily, there are easy exercises for back pain relief.
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